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Why Do Mattresses Need A Comfort Layer


The mattress comfort layer is a very important part of the mattress structure. It determines the feeling of the mattress and the comfort provided by the mattress.

What defines a mattress comfort layer?

Comfort layer also called as filling layer. This part is in the top on the spring system or the both side of the spring system which depend on the mattress design. The mattress comfort layer for example like memory foam, high density foam, gel memory foam, latex etc. They are usually a few inches thick above the mattress to offer the different comfortable feeling to our body.

Mattress comfort layer plays an important role in wholes mattress because they are key to performing the following functions: 

1. Cradling the body and evenly distributing weight for pressure relief.

2. Responding to sleep position movement to provide ongoing comfort in each position.

Different material of the mattress comfort layer have its own function in the mattress also will effect the firmness of mattress. Which kind of mattress is suit for you? Different combination will offer the different feeling. We suggest you try and the Rayson's mattress will tell you the right answer. Combination by material of the mattress comfort layer will tell you the answer. 

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