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What's the Usual Warranty for a Mattress?


Whats the Usual Warranty of a Mattress?

When it comes to the wood  lifetime , most people pay much attention to food, such as a bread, a bottle of canned food, a bag of snacks and so on. We must make sure that we buy it within the shelf life. But for other products that do not need to be eaten, less attention is paid to the issue of shelf life.

Especially furniture or household appliances, many things will be replaced only when they are broken, but do you know that the lifetime exists for all goods, that is, the best use life.

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Mattress -Furniture for every household, because of its huge size, replacement trouble, the general family is not easy to change it. Mattress also has a lifespan, but the lifespan is very relevant to the material and quality of the mattress itself . Generally speaking, the life of the mattress is about 15-20 years, but also according to the actual situation, because of the impact of the conditions placed at home, in fact, the overall life of the mattress will only be 10-15 years.

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As time goes on, you will find that no matter how expensive the mattress is, the comfort will decrease. If the usual nursing is not good, the mattress will be destroyed, which will affect the quality of sleep. And because the mattress is difficult to clean, many people will not wash the mattress, and there will be a lot of mites and bacteria on the mattress.

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Everyone's sleeping habits are different, so the same mattress cant be used for different people for different years. In order to prolong the life of mattress, we should pay attention to some living habits.

1. Turn over the mattress every three months

Many people will put down the mattress and never move again, but in fact, when we sleep, the body will exert certain pressure on the mattress. If we do not turn over for a long time, the mattress will slowly sink in . So in order to maintain balance and make the mattress more breathable, we'd better turn over the mattress every three months.

2. Regular sunlight exposure

Not only sheets and quilts need to be basked in the sun. As mentioned above, if the mattress has been used for a long time, there will be a lot of bacteria and mites on the mattress. Especially when you sleep in summer, sweat secreted by the human body will actually permeate the quilt and enter the mattress, so we also need to take it out to bask in the sun. Killing mites can also prolong the use of mattresses.

3. Less Sitting on the bedside

Usually when we are at home, some people will have some small habits, that is, sitting on the edge of the bed, but in fact, such habits are very harmful to the mattress. The edge of the mattress is actually the most vulnerable area of the mattress. If we often sit like this, the spring on the edge of the mattress will lose its elasticity and the whole mattress will be destroyed.

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