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Rayson & Synwin Company Sports Meeting


Rayson & Synwin Company held a funny sports meeting in the Rayson Staff Activity Center last month at August. Participants more than 100 people, including the administration department, production department, financial department and sales department etc participated in this interesting and happy sports meeting. The events of this game include: badminton competition, balloon stepping, walking in hoop, passing table tennis together etc. The cheerful music during the games haunted the stadium, and the atmosphere was very lively.

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Rayson company prepared a lot of practical small prizes for everyone, participate in the top two can get the company carefully prepared gifts, although not valuable, but represents the company put the staff in the heart of the affection, the staff are very active participation, full input, participate in the game partners and onlookers are happy to laugh.

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We enhance the relationship in the relaxed game, cultivated the spirit of mutual unity of cooperation, think of the future is also an unforgettable memory. Happy time always passes so fast, imperceptibly, the sports meeting in the sweet taste came to an end. Rayson people up and down one heart, Rayson family is growing, games often do often, more and more lively!

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Rayson is not only a company focusing on product quality, but also a company with employee care. From time to time, by organizing some activities, the company will provide everyone with an opportunity to relax your mood. Only in a relaxed mood can we be more motivated. People-oriented, gather the strength of enterprises, Rayson & Synwin together with you! 

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