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How To Maintain The Mattress


Mattress is one of the import furnishings for us because one third of one's life is spent in sleep. A suitable mattress is the guarantee of high-quality sleep.

There are two criteria for the selection of a good mattress. One is to keep the spine straight and stretch no matter what kind of sleep posture people are in. Second, people lying on it have equal pressure, and their whole body can be fully relaxed.

In order to prolong our mattress life we should clean the mattress regularly. When we use the mattress every day, human dandruff and hair will remain in the mattress, and these substances are just the favorite food of mite. Millions of dust and mite will live in the mattress. Proper maintenance of the mattress can not only maintain the quality of the mattress and prolong the its life, but also effectively reduce the implantation and breeding of pathogenic allergens. There some tips of how to maintenance mattress.


1. Regular turnover: during the first year of purchase and use, the positive and negative, left and right or foot rotation of the new mattress shall be carried out once every two to three months to make the mattress spring bear an average force, and then it can be turned about once every half a year.


2. Keep clean: have the habit of using sheets or cleaning pads. At the same time, avoid lying on them immediately after taking a bath or sweating, and don't use electrical appliances or eating in bed.

3. Reduce pressure: do not apply heavy pressure on the mattress surface, otherwise it may cause local depression and deformation of the mattress and affect the use; Don't jump on the bed. Doing so will cause excessive stress on the single point of the mattress and damage the spring.

4. Use cover sheet: it is best to cover the cover sheet when using the mattress.

5. Don't sit on the edge for a long time: don't often sit on the edge of the bed. Because the edge of the mattress is the most vulnerable, sitting and lying on the edge of the mattress for a long time is easy to damage the edge protection spring.

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