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The wool is a natural fiber that is obtained from the caprine (goat and, mainly, sheep), and of other animals like llamas, alpacas, guanacos, vicuñas or rabbits, using a process denominated shearing. It is used in the textile industry to make products such as bags, blankets, gloves, socks, sweaters, etc. Wool products are mostly used in cold areas because their use maintains body heat; this is due to the nature of the material’s fiber. A large number of sheep breeds and the variable influence of the animal's living conditions act on the characteristics of the wool. The classification of wool is made taking into account some characteristics, of which the most important are: fineness, length, regularity in the degree of curling and uniformity, strength and elongation, elasticity, flexibility, color, brightness, and performance. The world production of washed wool is about 2 million tons, with Australia, Argentina, Chile, China, the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union, New Zealand, South Africa and Uruguay being the main producers.

natural mattress canada | Foshan Rayson Non Woven Co., Ltd.

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Viscose Cloth is a natural fabric with a very fine texture to the touch very soft and pleasant, characterized by being a new fabric and with much flying. Like the viscose, the Barbule remains a natural garment, with a very fine texture, soft and pleasant, with folds or pleats that distinguish and characterize the fabric itself. Without a doubt, the bamboo viscose will be a clear reference to clothing for fashion in the spring season, in fresh clothes and with much flying. Fabrics used for: Make sarongs for the beach, skirts with flight, summer dresses, pants, handkerchiefs, T- shirts, and more light and new garments. The viscose is a fabric that is removed from the cellulose of the bark of the trees. Therefore it is as natural as cotton, silk or wool. It is very soft and breathable, ideal for warm climates. The first use of the viscose was for the coating of fabrics, for which it was quite appropriate. However, when Cross and his colleagues attempted to make solid objects such as umbrella handles, they found that it was too fragile.

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There are different types of yarns like spandex yarn, nylon yarn, cotton yard, etc. Yarn is an overlap of fibers (natural, synthetic or artificial), of unlimited length, linked together by torsion, in such a way that a sufficient contact surface is generated between them so that the coefficient of friction itself of the twisted fibers) plus their tenacity, achieve the necessary tensile strength of the yarn. Reach some of best manufacturers and dealers of yards from different cities and countries of the world who offer good quality and affordable prices to the people with the help of the list given on Foshan Rayson Non Woven Co., Ltd..

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The bamboo fibre is produced from the pulp of bamboo plants. This type of textile fibre is made from natural bamboo and other extracts. Though it looks a bit like cotton in its un-spun form, many manufacturers apply different bleaching processes to turn the bamboo fibre into white. Many companies are engaged in making organic bamboo fabric out of the bamboo fibres. This type of fibre is much thinner than hair and has a smooth, round surface that makes it abrasion proof. Bamboo fibre is anti-bacterial, green & biodegradable, UV protective, breathable & cool, flexible, strong and has a luxurious shiny appearance. It can be even softer than the silk fibre when spun into yarn. Bamboo fibres are produced around the world and can easily be purchased from local and international bamboo fiber providers. So if you’re looking to buy bamboo fibers in bulk, you can find bamboo fiber suppliers, wholesalers, and manufacturers with ease at Foshan Rayson Non Woven Co., Ltd.. To buy different types of bamboo fibers in bulk for sale, select any bamboo fiber provider from the above listing and contact them directly to purchase.

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